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Leapin' Lizards and Geckos.
Harmless, soft-skinned, insect-eating lizards that come equipped with suction pads on their feet, enabling them to climb walls & windows to reach tasty insects such as mosquitoes and moths. You'll see them on walls & windows, mostly outside a lighted room at night (or inside if you left the screen doors open). You'll hear their cheerful chirp which sounds like "click-click-click-click". Some visitors are scared of them but they shouldn't be; just watch them for a few minutes as they climb through the plants, navigate around an interested human, or hang out under a lamp or bug zapping light, waiting for dinner to be served sometimes roasted just right.

Prehistoric Horror's.
OK, so there are no Dinosaurs from the Jurassic era on the island, they left with the film crews after the last Jurassic Park movie was completed - although the author, Michael Crichton, calls Kauai home. Kauai does have some old and scary looking insects though, from the Crab spiders hanging around most windows and the fat cane spiders running around the trash cans to the centipedes that you might see crossing the trails you hike on. Most of these are completely harmless unless you attack them, then they are liable to give you something about as bad as a bee sting; nothing compared to the Tyrannosaurus rex from the movie, (which many people think are still around, at least in their smaller form as the Wild Chickens of Kauai).

Kauaian Chickens.
The first thing that will astound you is the number of wild chicken on Kauai, although they don't resemble any chickens you've ever seen. These are the Hawaiian Moa (Ornamental Red Jungle Fowl) now considered a protected state bird introduced to the island centuries ago by the Polynesians on their travels across the pacific - although since that time these birds have been intentionally and unintentionally cross bred with many other species of chicken, from fighting birds to wild fowl.
They are the same birds you will see on Tahiti and would have meet on the other Hawaiian islands before mongoose were introduced to keep the numbers of chickens and rabbits down. Of course the mongoose also eliminated almost all other bird species in the processes, not to mention quite a few outdoor pets. We are happy to report that Kauai is the only Hawaiian Island that doesn't have a mongoose population. It is said that a disgruntled harbor worker after having received Kauai's shipment of Mongoose, set for distribution all over the island, had been bit by one of those unfriendly creatures and in return rejected the entire shipment, dumping the mongoose into Nawiliwili Bay. But back to the chickens...

These Chickens are strange birds indeed: take their habit of flying into the tree tops to eat the bananas, or on to the roof of your car to just escape from predators like you. Brightly colored they 'strut their stuff' day and night, followed or preceded by mom and her chicks running through parking lots, backyards, roads, jungles and golf courses. The roosters are usually a beautiful red color, occasionally speckled with white spots. The hens are plainly not as beautiful but make up by being protectively good mothers, constantly looking after their small chicks who will run to hide under Mom's feathers at almost any movement deemed too close for comfort. They do not always cock-a-doodle-doo just at first light, but often at irregular times during the day & night, and seem most confused by a full moon. Some people love them, others just hate their obtrusive early morning alarm calls, or the habit they seem to have acquired of unpacking your bags on the beach looking for snacks while you swim. Either way, they are a part of the Island you'll never forget!

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